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Meslin P.-Y., Cousin A., Dehouck E., David G., Rapin W., Schroeder S., Forni O., Gasnault O., Williams A.J., Lasue J., Stein N., Ehlmann B.L., Payré V., Anderson R.B., Blaney D.L., Bridges N.T., Clark B.C., Frydenvang J., Gasda P.J., Johnson J.R., Lanza N., l’Haridon J., Mangold N., Maurice S., Newsom H.E., Ollila A., Pinet P.C., Sautter V., Thomas N.H., and Wiens R.C. (2017) From Aeolis Palus to the Bagnold Dunes field: Overview of martian soil analyses performed by ChemCam in Gale crater. Fall AGU.


Ehlmann B.L., Edgett K.S., Sutter B., Achilles C.N., Litvak M.L., Lapotre M.G., Sullivan R., Fraeman A.A., Arvidson R.E., Blake D.F., Bridges N.T., Conrad P.G., Cousin A., Downs R.T., Gabriel J., Gellert R., Hamilton V.E.,, Hardgrove C., Johnson J.R., Kuhn S., Mahaffy P.R., Maurice S., McHenry M., Meslin P.-Y., Ming D.W., Minitti M.E., Morookian J.M., Morris R.V., O’Connell-Cooper C.D., Pinet P.C., Rowland S.K., Shroeder S., Siebach K.L., Stein N.T., Thompson L.M., Vaniman D.T., Vasavada A.R., Wellington D.F., Wiens R.C., and Yen A.S. (2017) The sands of Bagnold Dunes, Mars, Fall AGU.


Nachon M., Sumner D., Borges S., Stack K., Stein N., Watkins J., Banham S., Rivera-Hernandez F., and Wiens R.C. (2017) Stratigraphic distribution of veins in the Murray and Stimson formations, Gale crater, Mars: Implications for ancient groundwater circulation. Fall AGU.


Cousin A., Maurice S., Forni O., Viso M., and Wiens R.C. (2017) Onboard calibration targets for the SuperCam remote sensing instrument suite on the NAS Mars 2020 rover. Lunar and Deep Space Exploration 2017, Beijing.


Cousin A., Maurice S., Forni O., Viso M., and Wiens R.C. (2017) ChemCam at Bagnold Dunes, Gale crater, Mars. Lunar and Deep Space Exploration 2017, Beijing.


Maurice S., Cousin A., Forni O., Viso M., and Wiens R.C. (2017) Elemental composition and mineralogy on Mars rovers at standoff distances. Lunar and Deep Space Exploration 2017, Beijing.


Bedford C.C., Bridges J.C., Schwenzer S.P., Wiens R.C., Rampe E.B., Frydenvang J., Gasda P.J. (2017) Assessing source region characteristics from Gale crater lacustrine mudstone. 7th Astrobiology Society of Britain Conference, 13-17 September, Open University, Milton Keynes, U.K.


Frances R., Estlin T., Johnstone S., Peret L., Mousset V., Doran G., Gaines D., Montano S., Gasnault O., Lorigny E., Frydenvang J., Wiens R.C., Schaffer S., Pavri B., Verma V., Chattadhyay D., Bornstein B., Mittal N., Deflores L. (2017) Incorporating AEGIS autonomous science in to the Mars Science Laboratory rover mission operations. SpaceOps 2018, Toulouse, France.


Newsom H.E., and Wiens R.C. (2017) Gale crater and impact processes from the Mars Science Laboratory perspective. GSA.


Jackson R., Newsom H.E., Cousin A., Payre V., Wiens R.C. (2017) Changes in trace element composition between float basalts and the sediments in Yellowknife Bay, Gale crater, Mars. GSA.


Wiens R.C., Lanza N., Frydenvang J., Mangold N., Johnson J., Fraeman A., Bridges J., Ehlmann B., Thomas N., Gasda P., Lamm S., Gellert R., Thompson L., Schwenzer S., Bedford C., Sumner D., Vasavada A., (2017) Curiosity at Gale crater’s hematite ridge: Chemical evidence for generation by an oxidation front. Fall AGU.


Ollila A.M., Beyssac O., Sharma S., Misra A., Clegg S., Gauthier M., Wiens R.C., Maurice S., and Gasnault O. (2017) Astrobiological implications for the detection of rare earth elements on Mars using time resolved laser fluorescence spectroscopy: The potential for discovery using SuperCam. Fall AGU.


Payre V., Fabre C., SAutter V., Mangold N., Cousin A., Le Deit L., Goetz W., Forni O., Gasnault O., Wiens R.C., and Maurice S. (2017) Heavy metal enrichments at Kimberley: Evidence for an ore deposit at the source? Fall AGU.


Gasda P., Peets E., Lamm S., Rapin W., Lanza N., Frydenvang J., Clark B., Herkenhoff K., Bridges J., Schwenzer S., Haldeman E., Wiens R., Maurice S., Clegg S., Delapp D., Sanford V., Bodine M., and McInroy R. (2017) Deposition of boron in Gale crater, Fall AGU.


Clegg S.M., Anderson R.B., Frydenvang J., Forni O., Newsom H., Blaney D., Maurice S., and Wiens R.C. (2017) Sulfur geochemical analysis and interpretation with ChemCam on the Curiosity rover. Fall AGU.


Hurowitz J.A., Grotzinger J.P., Fischer W.W., McLennan S.M., Milliken R.E., Stein N., Vasavada A.R., Blake D.F., Dehouck E., Eigenbrode J.L., Faire A.G., Frydenvang J., Gellert R., Grant J.A., Gupta S., Herkenhoff K.E., Ming D.W., Rampe E.B., Schmidt M.E., Siebach K.L., Stack-Morgan K., Sumner D.Y., and Wiens R.C. (2017) Redox stratification of an ancient lake in Gale crater, Mars. Conference on Early Mars, October 2-6, Flagstaff, AZ.


Mangold N., Dehouck E., Forni O., Fedo C., Le Deit L., Rivera-Hernandez F., L’Haridon J., Frydenvang J., Wiens R.C., Meslin P.-Y., McLennan S.M., Newsom H.E., Salvatore M., Gasnault O., and Maurice S. (2017) Open-system weathering at Gale crater from the chemistry of mudstones analyzed by the Curiosity rover. Conference on Early Mars, October 2-6, Flagstaff, AZ.


L’Haridon J., Mangold N., Rapin W., Forni O., Meslin P.-Y., Cousin A., Payre V., Johnson J., Dehouck E., Nachon M., Le Deit L., Gasnault O., Maurice S., Wiens R.C. (2017) Iron and magnesium enrichments in Ca sulfate veins as observed by ChemCam at Gale crater, Mars. 


Newsom H.E., Edgett K.S., Wiens R.C., Mangold N., Schieber J., Rapin W., Stein N., Rivera F., and the MSL team (2017) Detection with imaging and chemical signatures of sandstone cemented by calcium sulfate in the Stimson and Murray formation rocks of Gale crater, Mars. Int. Conf. on Sedimentology, Toulouse, France, October 10-12.


Mangold N., Dehouck E., Forni O., Frydenvang J., L’Haridon J., Le Deit L., Meslin P.-Y., McLennan S.M., Newsom H.E., Rivera-Hernandez F., Salvatore M., Gasnault O., Maurice S., and Wiens R.C. (2017) Chemistry of lacustrine mudstones on Mars vby the ChemCam instrument onboard the Curiosity rover. Int. Conf. on Sedimentology, Toulouse, France, October 10-12.


Rivera-Hernandez F., Mangold N., Sumner D.W., Nachon M., Wiens R.C., Maurice S., Forni O., Frydenvang J., Newsom H., Dehouck E., and Payre V. (2017) Understanding of chemical and facies variability in the Murray formation, Gale crater, from ChemCam data. European Geophysical Union Geophysical Research Abstracts, 19, EDU2017-17380.


Schroeder S., Cousin A., Wiens R.C., Gasnault O., Maurice S., and the ChemCam team (2017) Overview of ChemCam activities and discoveries during 5 years at Gale crater, Mars. European Planetary Science Conference, Riga, Latvia.


Wiens R.C., Meslin P.-Y., Wellington D.F., Johnson J.R., Fraeman A.E., Gasnault O., Maurice S., Forni O., Beck P., Cohen B.A., Newsom H.E., Bridges J.C., Sautter V., Gasda P., Lanza N., Ollila A., Johnstone S.E., and Fairen A. (2017) Composition and morphology of iron meteorites found in Gale crater, Mars. Meteoritical Society Meeting, July 24-28, Santa Fe, New Mexico. LAUR requested.


Lanza N.L., Gasda P.J., Ollila A.M., Delapp D., Bodine M., Wiens R.C., Clegg S.M., Agee C., Meslin P.-Y., Newsom H.E, and Maurice S. (2017) Analyzing natural meteorite exteriors with laboratory LIBS for comparison to meteorites encountered by Curiosity in Gale crater, Mars. Meteoritical Society Meeting, July 24-28, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Beyssac O., Gauthier M., Maurice S., Wiens R.C. Fau A., Bernard S., Benzerara K., and the SuperCam Science Team (2017) Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy for Mars exploration: Insights from a laboratory analogue of the Mars 2020 SuperCam instrument. Goldschmidt Conference, 13-18 August, Paris.

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