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Hello! My name is Stéphane Le Mouélic and I live in Nantes, France. I am a research engineer specializing in signal and image processing, and remote sensing of planetary surfaces. As a member of the ChemCam team I will contribute to the analysis of the spectra and images acquired by ChemCam, in order to determine the composition of rocks at Curiosity's landing site. When I'm not working on Mars studies, I spend most of my time on the Cassini project, studying the surface and...

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Hello! My name is Alissa Mezzacappa and I live in Dover, DE, USA. I am a graduate student in optics aiding in interpretation of LIBS data. As a member of the ChemCam team I provide expertise on LIBS and also produce LIBS datasets in the laboratory that are relevant ChemCam data. When I’m not working on ChemCam I enjoy hiking, working out, reading, cooking, going to museums, and spending time with my family.

When I...

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My name is Bruno Dubois and I live in Nailloux, France, near Toulouse. I am a mechanical engineer and I lead the mechanical design of ChemCam. For six years, I drew each mechanical part of the instument, including CAD drawings. I also designed a Martian environmental chamber used for the of ChemCam Mast Unit calibrations. Now that ChemCam is on its way to Mars, I am involved in the mechanical design and architecture of other instruments for other astronomy projects, especially those...

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Hello! My name is Cécile Fabre. I live in France, in Nancy (in the eastern part in Lorraine). I am science co-investigator for the ChemCam instrument. I am a micro-libs specialist and for the past 10 years I have been studying its applications to Earth Science. I’ll mainly contribute to the analysis of LIBS spectra and the identification of elements present on the surface of Mars. This the first time I have participated in a such an exciting space project! When not working on...

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I’m Agnes Cousin and I’m a geologist working at IRAP in Toulouse, France. 

I’m interested in planets since I was 12 years old. I wanted to know how they formed, and why they’re so different compared to Earth. Then I realized that was not so simple and decided to be an astronomer - mostly to study the planets but also because it was a cool name !

Since then, I got a Master Degree in geology and in planetary science, and did my PHD helping on the...


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