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Cécile Fabre

Hello! My name is Cécile Fabre. I live in France, in Nancy (in the eastern part in Lorraine). I am science co-investigator for the ChemCam instrument. I am a micro-libs specialist and for the past 10 years I have been studying its applications to Earth Science. I’ll mainly contribute to the analysis of LIBS spectra and the identification of elements present on the surface of Mars. This the first time I have participated in a such an exciting space project! When not working on ChemCam, I try to spend a lot of time with my seven year-old son, Arthur, and his father.

When I was young, I was interested in photogrpahy. However, during my science studies at the University I decided to obtain a PhD in Earth Sciences to work in a laboratory. Besides my work on ChemCam, I also teach geology, everything from the formation of the Universe to the formation of petroleum!

For me, it will be very exciting to obtain such rapid identification of a rock, even from several meters away, which makes ChemCam so unique and important. We hope that Curiosity will drive several kilometers to reach various places in Gale crater. I am excited to see how long Curiosity will be able to keep running on the Martian surface!

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