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Agnes Cousin

I’m Agnes Cousin and I’m a geologist working at IRAP in Toulouse, France. 

I’m interested in planets since I was 12 years old. I wanted to know how they formed, and why they’re so different compared to Earth. Then I realized that was not so simple and decided to be an astronomer - mostly to study the planets but also because it was a cool name !

Since then, I got a Master Degree in geology and in planetary science, and did my PHD helping on the scientific calibration of the ChemCam instrument.

Now that ChemCam is onboard Curiosity for more than 3 years now, I work on several aspects. I participate to the operations, which basically means that few days/month I’m in charge of the data that come down from our instrument. Another part of the operations is to assist in the preparation of the activities for the upcoming days. I participate to the development of tools that help people to look at our data, and I participate also to the calibrations. I also give some geology classes at the university. My researches concern mainly the understanding of the magmatism on Mars, as well as the surface processes that erode the rocks and make soils. 

I think I have the best job ever ! Everyday we get new images from Mars’ surface and everyday I’m dreaming about it !

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