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Alexis Paillet

My name is Alexis Paillet. I am an engineer with the ChemCam instrument and I live in Toulouse, France. I was involved with the tests that simulated the temperatures and air pressures ChemCam will experience on Mars. I also took part in tests that simulated the vibrations ChemCam will experience during launch. When not working on ChemCam, I am involved with other space projects including Earth and astronomical observations. When I was young I was interested astronomy, especially astrophotography. I was interested in other astronomical objects like planetary nebulae and galaxy clusters. My interest in Mars was sparked by the fact that Mars is similar to the Earth. Finding evidence for life on Mars and using this evidence to help explain the origin of life on the Earth also excited me. ChemCam is important because it will help aid in the search for the ingredients for life and will aid the other instruments in their investigations of the Curiosity landing site. I think the most exciting discovery the ChemCam spectrometers/RMI images could make would be the ingredients for life.

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