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Eric Lorigny

Hello! My name is Eric Lorigny. I live in Toulouse, France and I am responsible for ChemCam operations at the Mars Operation Centre at CNES. My role on ChemCam is to prepare the CNES Mars Operation Centre to operate two instruments on Curiosity – ChemCam and the gas chromatograph in the SAM instrument. When I am not working on ChemCam, I enjoy reading books on Mars and gardening.

When I was young, I wanted to find a way to deliver water to people who live in desert. As an adult, I try to find water on the global desert of Mars. My interest in Mars was sparked by my first job, which was to design an experiment to look for life on Saturn’s moon Titan. I have always been curious about our origins. Both Titan and Mars may hold clues our beginnings.

My career in robotics has helped prepare me for my work on ChemCam. The instrument is important for not only the great science it will do, but also because of its potential to inspire. ChemCam will show young people that we can use lasers in cases other than those seen in the movies. In science, lasers could be very useful to investigate where you can not walk on Mars. The most exciting discovery ChemCam/MSL could make would be water clues.

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