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René Perez

Hello! My name is René Perez and I live in Toulouse, France. As a member of the ChemCam team I helped build the Curiosity rover, or at least our contribution, ChemCam. Specifically, I am the Mast Unit integration and tests manager. This means I oversee the tests which ensure the Mast Unit plays nicely with the rest of ChemCam and the rover. When I am not working on ChemCam, I am working on another future science space mission at CNES (the French space agency).

Believe or not, when I was young, I wanted to be the famous French soccer player Zinnedine Zidane! Now, I like working on space missions. In the past, I have been in charge of integrating and testing the COROT Payload. COROT is the French exoplanet hunter which launched in December of 2006. My interest in Mars was sparked by Sylvestre Maurice. I feel it is important to study Mars because space exploration is a big adventure! I think the most exciting discovery the MSL mission could make is life on the martian surface.

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